Tips ~ Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Not everyone is in the market for a large kitchen remodel, nor wants one.  Some client simply need to use their existing space more efficiently.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

via: Old Town home

1. PURGE ~ Take everything out of your cabinets. I can guarantee there are a few things (if not many) that you haven’t seen in years or forgot you had!          

Toss the items which have already expired.          

Donate the items you don’t need or are close to expiring.          

Store those items you wish to keep.

via: Acanthus & Acorn

2. STORE ~ If you are like me, you have many items that are seasonal, such as, holiday baking, preserving & entertaining.          

Purchase containers to hold your items.          

Label them! Regardless if you have a label maker or just use tape and a sharpie, DO label the containers. You’ll thank me later.          

Put in an “out of the way” location. Not only will this free up space in your kitchen, you will be delighted how convenient it is when you need to use them!

Make a Plan! 

So many kitchens I go into have things “put away” in the oddest places.

~ There are only two ways ~

Where you want them and where they fit.

Why not make them fit where you want them?

Think about “work stations”, such as preparing, cooking & cleaning as well as strategic storage, dishware, cookware, bakeware and my favorite, pantry.

3. COMPARTMENTALIZE ~ Putting pantry items into the same size containers will greatly increase your usable space.

4. MOVE & ADD ~ Adjustable shelves are meant to be moved. So MOVE them!  Short things near the bottom and taller items at the top for easy grabbing. Or vice versa, whichever seems best for you.

via: DIYlife

Add gadgets like spice racks, tiered racks and rotating shelves from your local organization store.

Or use what you already have to group and contain similar items together.

My favorite tip and the easiest by far is to utilize what you already have!  The DOORS!


Favorite of all time!

How do you organize your kitchen?  What challenges are you struggling with?  We’d love to help!

Find all of these ideas and more on my Pinterest Board!

4 thoughts on “Tips ~ Kitchen Cabinet Organization

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post! I love the idea from this post. The pictures are very inspirational. I need to get to organizing my food and tupperware cabinets soon!

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